KGH Polska products with the Certified Product (CP) quality system

Consumers are becoming more and more aware that what they eat has a real impact on the functioning of their body. The CP quality mark on the product guarantees the buyers that they reach for a product with high nutritional value.

CP quality mark on the packaging is a guarantee that the buyer reaches for a product with fruit and vegetables of high nutritional value, to which no sugars and sweeteners (sweeteners) were added, and the desired sweetness is achieved by the composition of the product based on natural raw materials, and that no preservatives, dyes or flavors other than those derived from fruit or vegetables have been added to it.

KGH Polska products – juices and smoothies – obtained the CP Quality Certificate – they were provided with nutritional and health claims (in accordance with EU regulations), which result from its composition. As a result, consumers receive – given in an accessible way – information on what nutrients the product contains and what their impact on the human body is. At the website, consumers can become familiar with products that have already obtained the CP certificate.