Good weather wishes KGH Polska … “. TV campaign for QEENCY aloe drinks is underway!

We are pleased to announce that we have launched a TV campaign promoting our drink with aloe –
QEENCY Premium ALOE VERA. For the purposes of the promotion of the QEENCY Premium ALOE
VERA brand, a sponsorship billboard has been created, which is broadcast before and after the weather
forecast in evening bands, nationwide stations – TVN 24, Polsat News, and 16 regional TVP channels.
Our campaign will include more than 1,300 sponsorship billboards.


Aloe QEENCY Premium ALOE VERA drinks have a high content of aloe, as much as 43%. We produce
them without preservatives and dyes, additionally enriched with vitamin C. QEENCY Premium ALOE
VERA are available in a classic form and flavored.


Enjoy the QEENCY ALOE VERA! 😋😋😋