QEENCY lemonades

Refreshing carbonated, non-alcoholic beverages, in four summer flavors, available versions, not based on fruit juices, no less than 20% juice and carbonated with a fruit juice content of 5%.

GREAT smoothie

100% natural, dense fruit and vegetable juices, pasteurized, NFC (not from concentrate), enriched with vitamin C, full of healthy nutrients supplementing each diet, without dyes, sweeteners and preservatives.

QEENCY - Coconut water

100% natural coconut water, NFC (not from concentrate), with natural vitamin C and potassium, without dyes and preservatives.


We specialize in the implementation of projects related to the production of cardboard packaging for the fruit and vegetable industry. Thanks to the technical and warehouse facilities we can offer a wide range of designs. Our employees will help you choose the packaging that meets your requirements - we implement projects for the most demanding customers.


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